Trainspotting with Demarkus Lewis

Hailing from Dallas, Tx Demarkus Lewis has worked with several top labels as well as helped establish many new imprints with his signature sound. Over the last 20 years in production his music has found its way onto labels such as Large Music, Toolroom, Subtractive, Moods N Grooves, iRecords, Viva Recordings, Guesthouse Music, Kingstreet Sounds, Plastik People, and his very own labels, Grin Music/Grin Trax, to name a few. As his new remix of Dante Tom’s M.U.S.I.C. is blowing up on the dance floors, DMCWorld goes trainspotting with Demarkus Lewis.

1 Dante Tom – M.U.S.I.C. (Deez Raw Life Mix) BIG Speaker Music

First up is my remix for Music on BIG Speaker  The thing that I focused on here was the vocal which struck me as a great foundation piece.  Great message on this one.

2 Ross Couch – Jazz Session (Original Mix) – Body Rhythm Records

Ross Couch - Jazz Session

I’m so glad to be hearing this name pop back up, and let me tell you this guy is doing his thang. Perfect groove and vocal chops on this.

3 Erik Ellmann – Purple Sky (Original Mix) – Berlin House Music

Erik Ellmann - Purple Sky [Berlin House Music]

Erik captured that ‘Detroit’ driving vibe well here with this groove. Driving percussion and infectious sample loop lay the foundation for this steady groove track.

4 DJ Aakmael – Hardbody (Original Mix) – SlothBoogie

Sometimes you have to give them the raw and Aakmael did just that on this one. Proper chord stabs, fat kicks and droning vocals drive this late night jam.

5 Crackazat – Beacon Of Light (Original Mix) – Freerange Records

Crackazat is one of my favorite producers today.  He comes with it yet again with his jazzed out vibe. Golden arrangement and beyond advanced musical ability lace this deep adventure.

6 Demarkus Lewis – Can’t Stop Love (Original Mix) – BIG Speaker Music

This jam as been lighting up the floors since its release.  Inside you will explore swung drums, chord stabs and bouncing basslines.

7 Colorjaxx – Easy Rhodes (Original Mix) – Large Music

So Smooth with it here.  I drop this when things are vibin out on the deeper chill side of the mountain.  Great for setting up a night.

8 Rocco Rodamaal – Tbt3 (Atjazz Remix) – Memories

Can Atjazz do no wrong?  If you ask me I say no he can’t do wrong with anything music related. This adds to his catalog of solid as a rock productions.

9 Demarkus Lewis – Be The Joy (Original Mix) – Parafazed Records

Love this tune.  I remember thinking we must all be the joy we want to see in the world Groovy jam with all the right spice to light up the night.

10 Jovonn – Get Together (Jovonn’s BND Remix) – Boby’N Deep

Jovonn has been a fav of mine for a very long time. This remix shows you clearly why that is. So solid in everyway with this smooth like butter excursion.

Dante Tom ‘M.U.S.I.C.’ (Deez Raw Life Mix) is out now on BIG Speaker Music.