Trainspotting with DJ Rae

DJ Rae – The Journey (Original Mix) Quantize Recordings This record was a real journey for me, through my feelings and emotions, I just sat at my keyboard as we went into lockdown and It all came out. And now what I feel when I play it is hope and inspiration, thats what house music does for me.   

Louie Vega & The Martinez Brothers, Marc E Bassy – Let Go (Tmblv Dub Mix) Cuttin Heads/Defected

This popped up for the first time when we were still playing out, I knew it was a banger, I couldn’t get enough of it, that bassline, what a collab, great memories seeing the reaction to this rocking in Poland last time I played out. 

Mike Dunn – If I Cant Get Down (Mousse T’s Funky Shizzle Extended Mix) Classic Music Company

Mike Dunn on top form, and Mousse T slapping his signature funk all over it. I’m a big fan of both these big players from back in the day, both their sounds influencing a lot of my journey in house music through the years, big props. 

Franck Roger, Jovonn – Remember (Rocco Rodamal Remix) Real Tone Records

Dope deepness, takes you back, loved Rocco’s work since he remixed one of my records way back. His take on ‘I Gave You Everything’ really took the song somewhere special for me, his work here is slick, timeless, he sets a real mood.

Pinto, Dylan Engels – Pain Reliever – Hot Sunday Records

This is just a no nonsense feel good tune that hooks you in from the off, makes me sing along, bust moves, feel that funk. 

Ronnie Herel, Dannis Winston – Another Way (Dj Spen & Reelsoul Remix) Quantize Recordings

Love the keys, those chords and the stripped back production with those beautiful emotive vocals, real nice soulful groove. 

Byron Stingily – Get Up (Harry Romero Edit) Nervous

Always loved the original and still play it so much, but this edit, well, Harry Romero is one of the house dons for me, he puts his vibe on this, an instantly refreshed respectfully 2020 easy player, makes me smile.

Jovonn & Casio Ware – Turning Me Out (Louie Vega Expansion Nyc Mix) Body N Deep

This is pure heat, sexy grooving naughty affair, vibes of the late great Prince, my kinda jam at any kinda party. 

Gene Farris & Dj Rae – Forever Always – Farris Wheel

This is me and Gene doing what comes so naturally, nostalgia, infectiously hooky, anytime player, so refreshing this summer to lift the spirits and keep us happy.

Quentin Harris & Jason Walker – Stronger (Directors Cut Remix) Glitterbox Recordings

Great work from Quentin Harris, love his style, great vocal here, and Frankies’ mix, well, Its gonna hit the spot isn’t it. 

DJ Rae – The Journey (incl. DJ Spen Dub) is out now Quantize Recordings.