Shiftee’s Picks – Week 2

Boom! Two times DMC World Champion brings us his essential weekend tunes…


What did I do this weekend? I hid from a hurricane while watching TV weather reporters have their career defining moments. I’ve never seen anyone more ecstatic about anything. The weathermen and weatherwomen were more excited than a 12-year-old girl with backstage passes to a Justin Beiber concert.

I also worked on beats and beets. Both were delicious.


Aaliyah -Are You That Somebody (Hudson Mohawke Bootleg)
Last week was the 10 year anniversary of Aaliyah’s tragic death.  I watched Romeo Must Die on BET twice.  Also one of my favorite producers released a dooope bootleg of one of my favorite songs of hers.  One of fav producers + one of fav singers + one of fav songs = Triple Win.  That’s a triple win, folks.  FTWWW.

Ben Westbeech – Something For The Weekend (Breach Remix)
This song makes me want to dance, which is awkward because I don’t know how.  My only move is the doggie paddle, which is coincidentally the only swimming stroke I know.  The toms during the verses put this one over the top for me.

Deset – Troll
This song is a great way to transition between grime and dubstep.  The track is even better if you imagine an actual troll speaking the midrange sounds of the main drop.  Fun fact: I usually imagine trolls having either neon green or pink hair.

James Blake & Bon Iver – Fall Creek Boys Choir
I’m going to PAUSE before and after the following remark. (PAUSE) I’m a big drinker of James Blake’s Kool Aid (PAUSE).  This song is awesome, plus it has a wolf sample.  QED.

Main Attrakionz – Take 1 ft. A$AP Rocky
“I’m tired of these rappers.  I’m tired of these jackers…I’m sick of all these hipsters …” Me too!  A$AP Rocky channels the pathos of a Jewish mother and complains about a bunch of stuff, and then complains about needing to complain so much.  All over a hypnotic Clams Casino beat.  Sign me up.

Mite – Chocolate Circuit
(What I believe is) the Apache break sped up crazy fast under neck-snapping Grownstep.  This track has pretty much all my favorite things.  Add a sandwich with jalepenos and avocado and I’m in heaven.

Rustie – All Nite

Huge tune!  I can’t wait for Rustie’s full length Glass Swords to drop in October.  I even went out and bought a glass sword.  It’s incredibly useless, but very debonair.  You heard it here first, folks.  Glass swords are going to be THE fashion accessory for Fall.

Rx – Turquoise
Really cool BPM choice for such an atmospheric song.  Fun arrangement too on this track from Rx’s forthcoming full length Fox Grindin’ coming out on Made In Glitch.  If I only I could collaborate with this guy on some music.  Oh wait, I am!  Stay tuned for the Rx & Shiftee – Space Ace EP dropping next month on Cool Records.

Skream – Exothermic Reaction
Give me drums, subbass, a rolling dirty midrange bassline, and the occasional ambient melodic line, and I’m a happy man.  That’s all I need!  It really makes life simple not to require food, water, or human contact.  No one does it quite like Skream, and this track is no exception.

Willy Joy – Woman Like Me (Flinch Remix)
Love this song.  First time I listened, I was expecting the mondo drop, but instead was very pleasantly surprised by the sexy, danceable, head-nodding, smooth grooves.  My baby making music pick of the week.  (Note: if you conceive your child following this recommendation, you are required by law to name your child Shiftee).