Megafaun – Megafaun – (Crammed Discs)

MegafaunMegafaun are an invigorating proposition, one of those bands that operate outside of genre and style, electing to concentrate on music whatever its form. As a result this self-titled third album is extremely varied, moving from what seems like straightforward Pink Floyd-influenced pop to some freeform jazz in the brassy wig-out of ‘Isadora’. The connections with Bon Iver and Gayngs help too, for some of this music is quite woozy, in a way that makes it easy to get horizontal too. ‘Second Friend’ and ‘Real Slow’ show off the band at their most amiable, but it works really well that you never really know what stylistic references they might throw in next.

4 Out of 5

Reviewed By Ben Hogwood