You Remind Me – Mary J Blige

This song was the very start of my singing inspiration.  Its the first time I heard a song and really heard every single sound and at that point I knew I wanted to be a singer.

You remind me-Mary J. Blige


Beautiful People – Barbara Tucker

I just love the vibe on this track. Utterly up-lifting and a great journey to the end.

Barbara Tucker – Beautiful People (Original Club Mix)


Bring it Down – Simpson Tune (Da BMR’s Club Rework)

The chords and progression of this track is phenomenal and it totally goes off in a club.

Simpson Tune – Bring It Down (Da BMR's Club Rework) (2001)


Realise – Jeremy Sylvester

It is just as cool as f*ck.


Everybody Knows – Fono ft. Anna Straker

It is just well produced with just the right amount of everything my ears like.

Fono – Everybody Knows Ft. Anna Straker


Gabriel – Roy Davis Junior ft Peven Everett

This song reminds me of when I was introduced to the UKG scene and the bass is dutty.

Roy Davis Jr – Gabriel (feat. Peven Everett)


Tania – Harry Romero (Riva Star Mix)

It reminds me of dancing in the Marshall Jefferson tent at a festival whilst eating the best crepe ever.

Harry Romero – Tania (Riva Starr Remix)


Pretty Brown Eyes – Mint Condition

The chords and vocals combined are like being submerged into a vat of warm yogurt.

Mint Condition – Pretty Brown Eyes


You Used to Love Me – Faith Evans

The harmonies are insane and the beat is so unusual yet cool.

Faith Evans – You Used to Love Me


Dancing – Aaron Smith ft. Luvli (JJ Flores & Steve Smooth Mix)

This song got me and my Andy together. I asked him what his favourite song was when I first met him and he said this one – which incidentally was mine also at the time…. Result!!!

Aaron Smith Feat. Luvli – Dancin' 12"


Sweet Female Attitude & BKT ‘Movin’ On’ is out now on Bassball Records

Premiere : Sweet Female Attitude & BKT – Movin' On (BKT Classic Summer Vocal Mix)