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Back To Mine with Jim Warboy

A personal collection for after hours grooving

Jim Warboy

Baby Wants To Ride – Frankie Knuckles feat Jaimie Principle
Probably the single most important track that got me into house music. I was listening to this a year before acid house exploded in this country. Chicago Trax put out so many amazing and ultimately influential releases on the label.

Love’s Secret Domain – The Coil
My partner bought this CD years ago which had no information on it – just an acid, trippy cover. We used to trip out to it all the time and later bought a CD by the Coil and found out it was exactly the same album with new artwork and full info.

Sex-O-Matic feat. Deize Tigrona – Edu K (Solid Groove Remix)
This track always brings back great memories of dancing to Hannah Holland smashing it up at Trailer Trash. Solid Groove repeatedly hits it right with his remixes.

The Stars – Moby
Back to mine does not always mean chillout. This track is a prime example of hedonistic euphoria with the chesse factor set to ten.

Usless Man – Minty
When avant-extremists Leigh Bowery and Matthew Glamorre teamed up it was only going to lead to something completely outrageous. Love the new video done by Belgian artist Piepke. So much fun.

You’re So Vain – Carly Simon
This was THE song that made me want to write lyrics. I loved it anyway and then found out there was a massive intrigue as to who she actually wrote the song about. Turns out everyone got it wrong. The power of words.

Kooks – David Bowie
So many great Bowie tracks to choose from. This is probably less obvious but i always the sentiment in the lyrics. Simple and sweet.

Heal The Separation – The Shamen
The Shamen really were quite genius. Love the futuristic vocals and chord progression on this track.

Dia Ti Maria – Bishi
Bishi’s work is incredibly inspiring. It seems to step away from so many conventions. I’ve been listening to her new album Albion Voice a lot recently. Love it.

Einstein On The Beach (Knee Play 1) – Philip Glass
I’ve been to see a number of Philip Glass’ pieces performed. His work seemed to fit so well with the time and it reminds me a lot of dance music but more relaxing.

Warboy has become firmly established as a leading figure in London’s underground club scene over the past decade, having been closely involved in some of the city’s most definitive experimental dance music nights.
Continuing his commitment to developing new talent and ideas in club culture and dance music, he currently promotes two monthly nights – the polysexual underworld SOS at East Bloc and Heroes at Egg, which combines international DJs with London creatives and has rapidly gained a strong reputation for offering quality music along with some very flamboyant characters.
His productions and DJ sets are eclectic and draw on anything from tribally tech house, acid, to dark Lo-NRG. Strong, swinging percussion and vocal content bouncing on weighty basslines tend to be his overarching style.
DJ Mag noted that he ‘remains one of alternative clubland’s greatest forces who is constantly ahead of the curve’.

Listen to Jim’s latest mix…

Catch him at
SOS at East Bloc on Saturday 21st July with Andy Blake, Warboy, Joe Robots and Gabriele Cutrano. Plus ‘The Cock’ 10 Year Anniversary afterparty. www.sosnow.co.uk


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