‘Song to the Siren’ Cocteau Twins
Timeless,ethereal classic. Enigmatic vocals lesson one.

‘1979’ Smashing Pumpkins
Bit of a nod to New Order. Floods production is great and its perfect for cruising down the motorway.

‘Birds’ Neil Young
Simple and beautiful.Apparently he has a lake with giant speakers where he floats in a boat writing songs.cool.

‘Sometimes it Snows in April’ Prince
About the death of a friend, the lyric  “those kind of cars don’t pass you everyday” is one of his finest.

‘In Memory of a Free Festival’ David Bowie
Off Space Oddity this has one of the best outros ever.

‘Breathe and Stop’  Q-Tip.
Effortless rolling rap over lazy beats. I defy anyone not to nod along to this.

‘I Wanna Be Adored’  Stone Roses
I went to Spike Island when they were at their zenith and it will always remind me of that summer. They showed everyone the way forward (including

‘Taking Tiger Mountain by Strategy’ Brian Eno
In the beginning there was Eno. Peculiar and dreamy

‘The Phantom’ Renegade Soundwave
Slamming dub. Dark, hard and will rock your socks off.

‘Seduction, Seduction’ 1989
Bassline,ecstasy, love it love it love it.

OUT NOW: Honeyroot  ‘Love Will Tear Us Apart’ (single). Honeyroot  ‘Sound Echo Location’ (album)