Akala Barber

What’s the best night out you’ve ever had?
About 50 drunken nights (that seemed to have meshed into one in my memory) During the 6 months I was in Napa.

What’s your favourite club?
They’re all shit nowadays.

What’s your poison?
Was brandy and coke but I’m not drinking at the moment.

What’s your favourite record of all time?
Only Built For Cuban Linx (Raekwon)

What record can’t you stand?
The shake your titty record that has been re-made by most artists 9million times.

What was the last record that you bought?
Maroon 5’s album.

Name your three biggest influences.
Bob Marley/ Muhammad Ali/ Malcolm x

Who would play you in Akala the movie?
Someone very handsome!

What’s your dream?
To change the world.

How do you escape?

What is your favourite possession?
My stereo system.

What/who makes you laugh?
My 3 year old brother.

When was the last time you committed a crime?
No comment!

What is your life philosophy?
Help as many people as you can / always be true to yourself.

What is in your pockets?
Wallet, phone, car keys….etc

If you were an animal, what animal would you be and why?
Tiger because they are pretty and mysterious but they will bite.

You are having a party whom, dead or alive, is on the guest list?
Bob Marley/Muhammad Ali/Malcolm x/Ghandi/Bruce Lee/Richard Branson.

When was the last time that you embarrassed yourself?
Everyday I fall over or spill my dinner down my shirt or something.

Tell us something that we don’t know about Akala?
I have the worst hand writing in the world.