Emery Ft. Mikee Liks - Wherever You Are

Emery Ft Mikee Liks – Wherever You Are – I.D, Garo, Vaiper Remixes – (Lowvibe)

Emery Ft. Mikee Liks - Wherever You AreReally liking the sunshine good time feel on this happy go lucky urban jungle styled breaks roller from Lituanian D’n’B producer Emery and UK hook up with MC Mikee Liks. Fast paced and furious, cheeky and ultimately danceable and proper break beat! And what’s this! An absolute gem of a remix from future bass line assassin I.D with  gnarly wobble subs and shiny synth interludes to get your heads in the clouds. Garo’s glitch hop reworking slows down the bpm, the addition of mouth organ and double bass styled b line make for a woozy, smoke hazed vibe, while Vaiper’s future garage cut is a stop starty womp b line chunkster.

5 out of 5

Reviewed By SOTO