Si Begg - Come Correct

Si Begg – ‘Come Correct’ (Travino, Profiler, Rhythmatic, ROCUT, Mick Lennon Rmxs) – (Mutate RCDs)

Si Begg - Come Correct

From the label not afraid to spread their musical genre wings an EP of bass heavy machinations, touching on Breaks, Tech House and Techno. Si Begg delivers a slab of whirring, hypnotising, 4/4 clunking and funking bass heavy electronica.  Travino’s breaks remix is the sound of summer festivals, lush shimmering sound scapes, but much deeper than that, with layers simultaneously brooding and twinkling, both intricate and gloriously expansive in their synthesized beauty. Rhythmatic gets all big club, heads down, pitch-bend-glitch gurn-tastic with his mesmerising stomp machine, and the others turn in solid deep and brooding grooves for the later hours, all exploring some interesting sonic territory.

3.5 out of 5

Reviewed By SOTO