Solid Frame - Forever EP

Solid Frame – Forever EP – (Ben & Lex / Hanuman Tribe Remix / Sketi Remixes) – (Riot Riot)

Solid Frame - Forever EP

Solid Frame’s original is a kind of 80’s synth, Euro pop guitar new wave version of a dubstep track complete with soul searching male vocals and epic builds. Pick of the bunch comes from UK bad boys duo Ben & Lex, who turn in a signature behemoth of bass, D n’ B styled break-step re working. Keeping the original’s deep and expansive vibe with haunting vocals, perfect for the 4 am heads in the clouds crowd but with enough pack and punch to keep your feet leading a merry dance. Label heads, Hanuman Tribe turn the whole track on its head with a cut up edit fest of furious stop start jitter bass heavy breakbeat. Ooh a new genre!  Sketi’s breaks remix is a high-energy peak time get your ass on the floor roller, progressive, euphoric and deep. Last up Hanuman Tribe keep things simple with a juttery dubstep bass line and the ‘Forever’ vocals.

4 out of 5

Reviewed By SOTO