Pete Jordan Ft. Joe B - Step Out

Pete Jordan feat Joe B – Step Out – (Westway)

Pete Jordan Ft. Joe B - Step OutThe face of super club Spectrum, Pete Jordan makes his debut release on Westway with a release that stays true to his eclectic dance music mantra. ‘Step Out’ is a slice of funking chunking bass heavy shimmering electro  disco with the addition of legendary Houston rapper and b-boy Joe B. Misk turn in a cut up, stop start, jiggery pokery squelchathon of bass parps. Reeeewind back to the early 90’s with jungle rave breaks boy Kid Chameleon, skippy breaks and warm humming subs wave their magic around Joe B and disco stabs. Killaflaw turn in an analogue electro bass work out meets B Boy Hip Hop! The Visionaires keep things jackin with a filtered French disco house sound and Cut La Roc round off the package with undulating bass line funk!

5 out of 5

Reviewed By SOTO