Not content to be DJing all over the place, all the time and dishing out his own style of deep, laid back breaks-house to dancefloors, Will Saul manages to find time in his schedule to produce the odd track in much the same style. If you want a deep, yet controlled, polite dancefloor experience, (manners are very important after all), then this is for you. The original is better of the two and these kind of tracks are for either really early or really late in the night, but work equally as well in either slot. This is what Will Saul does best; subtle, deep grooves that kind of wiggle their way into you and stay there. The second of the ’two’ we mentioned earlier is a remix by Nathan Coles which is similar to the original with a few extra bits, which don’t necessarily add any new dimensions, it’s just different. So there.

4 Out Of 5

Reviewed By: Soto