Diynamic is now a global label that really does set trends. It has its core of great artists including boss Solomun, plus top players Stimming and HOSH, but they also like to introduce new talents to the ranks whoever possible. That is what gave rise to their sporadic Four to the Floor Ep series which welcomes brand new names to the family, and in some style. The month we are treated to the latest one, yet again featuring four more exciting new names.

There are four cuts included along the way and some are from new names, some are from more established people who have never been on this label before. One of them is Anna, a hot property from Brazil who has been laying down great sets and making killer beats for a minute now. Here she is in stripped back, no frills techno form with a grubby groove that cannot fail to standout. Elsewhere there is Cocoon acts Pig & Dan, who have just released their latest and greatest LP. Their cut is another modern classic, with heavy grooves and sooty black textures all run though with the scantest of melodies. A brand new name in the form of Jonas Rathsman really cooks up a broody and intense storm with his machine gun synths, doom laden bass strokes and slick tech rhythms. Lastly, Israel talent Guy Mantzur offers Trees of Eden, which his the sort of melodically magical cut that makes Solmun’s set so emotive and compassionate. Overall then, a brilliant bit of work in the A&R department once again.

Reviewed by Ian Fleming