Timmy Vegas ft. Tweek ‘Got To Get Your Love ’ (SUNSTROKE)

Timmy Vegas, who used to be one half of successful duo Soul Central, is back with a huge funky roller on the Sunstroke label. The man obviously has got the talent and skills to turn any track into a funky monster, as he did with my own Dina Vass track a few years ago on Favouritizm. Being one of the UK’s leading men when it comes to true live Disco sounds, Timmy underlines his large knowledge in original Disco sounds from the 70s and 80s by completely reworking the 1980 released Clyde Alexander & Sanction track with the same name. Reworking in this case means, that all instruments are replayed in a way only a handful of producers are able to-very close to the Original without losing that all important original Disco feel. Also the vocal got re-recorded in a very fine way, which all in all leads to a very nice update of a real Disco underground anthem that has got consistent plays over decades. No wonder the likes of Kenny Dope, Francois K or Louie Vega are already hammering the new version. Get your hands on it!
4.5 out of 5
Reviewed by MANNIX