There’s a certain style of groove that’s been making its presence known over the last couple of years on the peripheries of the dancefloor.  Taking it’s cue from electro-disco, 70’s funk / rock, and general cinematic sounds, people are trying to shoe-horn it into all sorts of categories, but it always manages to evade exact definition as it rarely stays in one spot.
So, if you’ve been checking for artists like Peter Lindstrom, Prins Thomas, Rub ‘n’ Tug, or the Moton / Idjut / Rong discoid sound, you’ll know what’s being referred to, and you’ll want to put this to the top of your shopping list right now. “Can’t Be Beat” is a loping mid-tempo groove (you’ll be checking it’s playing at the right speed) that introduces a hypno-electronic b-line and heart-stopping strings, the kind that make you think you can swim in the sky, whilst a trippy male voice talks nonsense during odd interludes, adding to that floating, novocain slo-mo sensual aura that pervades throughout.  The flipside “Pillow Talk” is a downtempo balearic moment resplendent in guitars and sunny vibes.  Original, twisted genius.

5 Out Of 5

Reviewed By: DARREN WALL