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‘Beachcomber’ Wyatt Earp

I played this track quite often in Ibiza. I find it is a perfect track for a very pleasant start to an after-hours on the beach. A timeless tune.

Wyatt Earp - Beachcomber [HR001]


‘Lyk U Use 2’ Moodymann (feat. Andrés)

I played this track as a last song in the Watergate, sometime around 10 or 11 in the morning if I remember correctly! It is actually a kind of drum n bass track. I am a really big fan of this guy from Detroit and in my opinion this track shows just how versatile he his.

Moodymann - Lyk U Use 2 (feat. Andrés)


‘Untitled (A1)’ Drain Pipe

I remember hearing this track for the first time on Terry Lee Brown Jr.’s Mix CD Terry’s Cafe 3. It is an outstanding Mix CD. I reckon I’ve listened to it more than fifty times! This track shows more of the deeper side of Timewriter. You also need to check out the Label Driftwood. It is a parent label from Tonika which is where this masterpiece was released. Wonderful dub-influenced music!

Drain Pipe - Untitled (A1)


‘Roots @ S.F’ Presence

Charles Webster is a very talented artist. I have a lot of his records. I played this particular track in Berghain a number of years ago on a Sunday afternoon, if I remember correctly. The track with its rising, rolling synth sound is pure magic!!

Presence - Roots @ S.F.


‘Urges 3’ (Appleheadz Remix) Unknown Artist

A very melancholic track by this guy from the UK. When you find the right moment to play this tune it simply blows your mind away!

Unknown Artist (Urges 3 Appleheadz Remix)


‘Seawall’ Envoy

This particular track I played as a closing number in London in 2010 at a gig for PARA/+/LLEL.
There are lot good records from the early period of Soma Recordings. Perfect ending for my set.


‘I’m Your Brother’ (Quadrant Dub II) ROUND ONE feat. ANDY CAINE

One of my first gigs was in Amsterdam and it was wintertime. I can clearly remember listening to this track whilst in the train on the way back to Frankfurt and it was for me a perfect number for relaxing after a great party with my friends Melon and Dylan (2000andone). One could say a perfect track for a train ride! Hahaha.

ROUND ONE feat. ANDY CAINE - I'm Your Brother (Quadrant Dub II).


‘Ambient 1: Music for Airports’ Brian Eno

I have to include the whole album here. This one from Brian Eno is particularly good. The music is ideal background music to play in airports as it gives the incoming passengers a nice warm and welcoming feeling which is in fact where I first heard this one as I was passing through the airport in Barcelona. Naturally I listened to it a lot on my iPod on the way back home!

Brian Eno - Ambient 1: Music for Airports [Full Album]


‘Kind Of Blue’ Miles Davis

Another album I couldn’t choose just one track from. This was the first Jazz album which I purchased in England when I was young. Later I got interested in some other artists such as Herbie Hancock or Alice Coltrain. A perfect album to listen to at home on a cold and rainy winters day!


‘High Times’ Einzelkind

This is a relative new track by my good friend Arno (Einzelkind). He sent it to me a few months ago and I played this as the last track at Sisyphos in Berlin. It is an ideal after-hours track and the title also explains the feelings you have when a good party is coming to a close.

Einzelkind - High Times (Original Mix)


‘Inner Circle’ Sascha Dive

One of my personal favourite tracks from my last album Dark Shadow. Perfect for playing on the beach or in a cosy night club!

Sascha Dive - Inner Circle


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