Back To Mine – Dan Le Sac

A personal collection for after hours grooving…

Lindstrøm & Christabelle – Lovesick
Lovely slow-mo disco, I imagine this is how Sly Stallone actually hears
the Rocky Theme.

Vex’d – Heart Space
Vex’d are the grandfathers of dubstep, an this track is the only way to
wash away a night being barraged by their bastard progeny.

Susumu Yokota – Re:disco
Lush disco from start to finish.

Lone – Coreshine Voodoo
This track takes nods from LFO & Aphex Twin, but in the nicest way possible.

New Order – 5-8-6
it’s easy to forget how disco New Order sounded, if you wait til 6.40
you’ll hear the loveliest strings they ever recorded.

Merz – Lotus

Yacht – Afterlife
The funkiest song you’ll ever hear about death.

Gus Gus – Purple
3 synths and a sampler never fit so perfectly together.

Fridge – Ark
This is Adem, Four Tet & Sam Jeffers louche spiral of beats and sleaze.

Remember Remember – White Castle
To be fair anything from RR’s album “The Quickening” would keep me happy,
but the overlapping melodies of “White Castle” can’t be faulted.


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