Back to Mine with Be.Lanuit

Be.Lanuit  is a Dj, producer and fashion designer with more than 33 years of Djing under his belt, starting out in the 80s with the Chicago and Acid House boom. A vinyl collector, his sound inspiration as a selector comes from World music, Jazz, Soulful, Disco, House and Electronica with Balearic reminiscences. His music has landed on labels such as Selectas, Sonar Kollektiv, WoMUSIC FOR DREAMS, Soundway, NuNorthern Soul, and Afroterráneo Records, among many. Be.lanuit has other projects including Nomadas Experience, Al Aaraaf, Santë African House Ritual, Absenta – DJing at La Torre Ibiza, Casa Maca Ibiza, Experimental Beach Ibiza, and clubs such as Charada Clubdebaile, Café Berlin, Tempo, Deep, Mondo in Madrid and many more across the globe. As his sundrenched new single ‘Nana A Leon’ featuring Marcos De La Fuente drops on NuNorthern Soul, DMCWorld goes Back To Mine with one of Ibiza’s finest Balearic connoisseurs, Be.Lanuit.


Dissidenten & Lem Chaheb – Fata Morgana – Amok Records

I discovered it on my hometown record shop and bought it immediately. Forever in my box.

Dissidenten - Fata Morgana (JP edit HD)

Be.lanuit feat. Marcos De La Fuente – Nana A Leon (taken from ‘Summer Selections 4’ EP) – NuNorthern Soul

It’s a bridge between two seas for the unity of Ibiza and NYC through the music and dedicated to Marcos De La Fuente’s son. They are from Soein, and Leon was born in Williamsburg.

Soul ll Soul feat. Rose Windross – Fairplay – 10 Records

Always love its sound. For me this is still one of the best productions I ever listened to.

Soul II Soul feat Rose Windross - Fairplay

Soft Cell – Bedsitter – Vertigo 

I remember listening to this one on my father’s car radio.

Soft Cell - Bedsitter

Nitin Shawney – Migration – Outcaste Records

This track was the first track I heard back in 1995 where World Music was mixed with electronic sounds and I fell in love with it.

Nitin Sawhney - Migration

Frank Sinatra – Get Me To The Church On Time – Capitol Records

My father’s favourite song by Frank Sinatra. I remember him playing it on his turntable and dancing like Frank.

Frank Sinatra (Live) - Get Me To The Church On Time

The Brand New Heavies – You Are The Universe – FFRR 

I played this track for the first time in 1997 in Valencia in a nice and small club focused on Acid Jazz. Good times!

The Brand New Heavies - You Are The Universe (Official Music Video)

Cock-Robin – The Promise You Made – CBS

I’m not a lover of couple’s songs, but maybe this one, as I always used to listen to it at my Uncle’s house and loved it.

Cock Robin - The Promise You Made

Charlie Rouse – Merci bon dieu – Blue Note 

This is my favourite version after Harry Belafonte’s.

Merci bon dieu (Remastered 2016)

Richard Galliano – Luz Negra – Milan

This song takes me to Trastevere in Roma.

Richard Galliano - Luz Negra

‘Various Artists – Summer Selections Four’ EP will be released on vinyl, all digital download and streaming platforms on May 13th 2022 on NuNorthern Soul