Caetano Veloso – Contigo En La Distancia

Simply the ultimate tune (and album) to chill and get in a great mood on a sunny day. 

CAETANO VELOSO – Contigo en la distancia

Dire Straits – Once upon a time in the west

Dire Straits are playing as nice and soothing background music at home for decades. Simple, nice and feel good.

Once upon a time in the West — Dire Straits — 1980 — Dortmund LIVE pro-shot [GREAT LONG VERSION!]

Pink Floyd – Echoes

Pink Floyd have been close to my musical experience from very early days as a child. They always had a very soothing effect on me and Echoes is by far the most absurd and trippy track that I learned to appreciate with a more open mind in my teenage days.

Pink Floyd – Echoes (Full Pompeii Version)

Crosby Stills & Nash – Lee Shore

Love so many of their songs and also Neil Young’s solo albums. They have always been a great company. Lee Shore is in here just for it’s beauty in flow. Feels like flying.

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young – Lee Shore

Neil Young – Cortez the Killer

My all time favourite song of the bunch and glad to have seen live. Incredible to see the harmony of the musicians so deeply connected in their jamming and mastering their instruments to a level of perfection that is so fascinating.

Neil Young- Cortez the Killer

Mazzy Star – Into Dust

What a voice…

Mazzy Star – Into Dust – Black Sessions 1993

State Trooper – Bruce Springsteen

So different from the Bruce Springsteen that was born in the USA. Very pure, raw and minimal yet amazing groove. And that bark… 😉

Bruce Springsteen State Trooper

Foo Fighters  Learn To Fly

Dave Grohl has been one of my most favourite musicians for his passion. Many great productions but Learn to Fly is one of my favs. Especially this goosebumps version and story behind it that came out of a project in Italy that was driven by pure passion and succeeded – Love for music at it’s best!

Learn to Fly – Foo Fighters Rockin'1000 Official Video

Monster Magnet – Space Lord

Raw. Power. Groove. Cool. Love them.

Monster Magnet – Space Lord (Official Video)

Motörhead – Killed By Death

RIP my man! Not exactly home listening but needs to be in here. My #1 musician for his pure dedication and never giving a fuck (can I say fuck here? I better fucking can!). I’ve seen Motörhead live more than 10 times and it’s the ultimate experience for being blown in to the face and not being able to anything but jump around and shout. Loudest band in dezibel. Best frontman in Universe.

Motörhead – Killed By Death (Official Video)

Rodaq – Pollock Hill / Phormosa (Loot Recordings)

Rodaq grew up in Berlin and his sound takes in plenty of the city’s strongest influences from the grit and rawness of Tresor and Berghain, to the decadence of Bar25. Now with Singapore as his base, he regularly serves his unique blend of undulating techno and trippy tech-house to dancers all over Europe and Asia and his first EP on Insist Music got props from Laurent Garnier, Riva Starr and Tim Green. Now he returns once more on Loot Recordings with more of his thrilling tunes. Opener ‘Pollock Hill’ is a deep and rolling track with sustained chords that get you in a trance. The jumbled percussion keeps your body loose and the whole thing is designed for intimate back rooms. Australia and Balance Music’s Uone takes us further into wonderland and gives this a deeper, hazy vibe on his remix. His interpretation kicks things into overdrive with the addition of dreamy guitar harmonies, lush piano chords, gorgeous operatic vocals and massive horn stabs that cut through the track. Rounding out the remixes on this one is fellow Berliner Yapacc who has been released by over 80 labels and remixed for Ricardo Villalobos. He incorporates the original synths, but amplifies it with dramatic drums, muscular percussion and a punchy, melodic bass line. The second original is ‘Phormosa’, a dreamy, intricate affair of synth heavy bass lines, complex melodies and tension that builds in all the right places. It is one to slowly but surely cast a spell and take the floor to the next dimension. Leipzig based Schlepp Geist delivers a fine remix that fires up the energy with blurring melodies, relentless analog stabs and celestial synths that modulate and climax throughout the track. These are four very different but hugely effective dance floor tracks that will light up the club.

Rodaq – Pollock Hill / Phormosa (Loot Recordings) Release: 27th March 2020 Cat. No.: LOOTREC026