MilkBoi Jnr

Sirup Music bringing us a wonderful collaboration from MilkBoi Jnr and Rebecca Helena, the fourth from this multi talented producer. DMCWORLD rolls up it’s sleeves for a cool world exclusive….


Hello and welcome to DMC World! How’s it going?

Great, thanks for having me.

For those that are not familiar with you, could you let us know how you got into music production?

I wanted to be a music producer before I even knew what a music producer was. I was aware of this role that was behind the scenes of music creation and was inspired by great producers like Quincy Jones, Rick Rubin and Brian Eno. I later discovered dance music through Madeon, Diplo and Daft Punk and knew I had to get creating.

You have been releasing for years under your Bad Milk alias. How did it come about and what’s behind the name?

I initially started out doing sessions with singers and we’d make whatever genre of music we fancied making that day. This resulted in a lot of different tracks being made and the Bad Milk project was a way of releasing lots of different genre songs with a focus on quirky production and fusing genres. I don’t drink milk so it’s a bit of a dairy free statement.

When did you decide to branch out under MilkBoi Jnr? What was the process like there?

Half way through last year I decided I wanted to take what I’d learnt from writing and producing a mixture of genres for others and apply it to a more specific style that I enjoy making. House music was the obvious choice for me.

Your new single ‘One Night’ is coming out via Sirup Music. Can you tell us about the production process, and what it has been like working with vocalist Rebecca Helena, and Sirup Music?

This is my fourth release on Sirup and I’m really looking forward to it. Sirup connected me and Rebecca and brought the collaboration about. I had an idea for a track but completely remade it once I received Rebecca’s vocals as I knew I wanted to work the instrumental around the vocal as it’s so hooky.

What has been the best show you have played to date?

I haven’t performed under this new project yet. Currently I’m focusing my efforts in the studio.

Proudest career moment?

Signing your first song to a label is always a good feeling.

If you could host your own night anywhere in the world – where would it be, who would be on the lineup, and what would be the special cocktail of the night be (name & ingredients)?

On a Cornish beach, a different DJ in each cave. Funk, soul, disco, house and techno rooms. Cheeky Vimtos all round which is Port and WKD.

If you could collaborate with any two artists, who would they be and why?

Not to play the infinite wishes card but I’ll pick two duos. Silk City to work with Diplo and Mark Ronson, who are both big influences on my production. Silk Sonic for the chance to collab with Anderson Paak and Bruno Mars, two awesome singers.

Top 3 songs of the moment? 

Tiesto – The Business

Iyamah – Cryptic Love

M.I Abaga – Lekki

How have you stayed motivated during the pandemic? 

I moved my studio home and kept working on new material. I stay motivated by working with lots of other artists which keeps it exciting.

Anything else you would like to add? 

Thanks for chatting. Please check out the new single “One Night” and let me know what you think. Always open to collaboration so any DJs or creatives hit me up! 🥛👦