Spencer Ramsay

Hailing from the small Scottish border town of Peebles, we catch up with the fast-rising young talent Spencer Ramsay. Being only 17, he has already signed to Polydor Records and seen the release of his new single ‘Love With You’. We at DMC World discuss with him about the new record, his music inspirations and what more is to come…

Spencer Ramsay - Love With You (Official Lyric Video)


Welcome to DMC World, Spencer Ramsay, how are you?

Hey, I’m great thanks!

Tell us about ‘Love With You’, how did the record come together?

I originally made the tune back in November and put it up on Soundcloud shortly after. It’s quite a simple track really but I think the simplicity really works well with this sort of thing. It’s basically an addictive bassline using that classic M1 house organ along with some pumping drums and a great sing-along vocal.

What made you decide to take a career in music?

I’ve always loved music and been surrounded by it growing up. Most of the people in my family make music or DJ or do something creative so I guess it just naturally came from that.

As a DJ and producer, what inspires you?

I always get inspired by fresh, creative tracks that almost seem to be in a genre of their own. I also get inspired when I hear an absolute banger, it makes me think I need to make a tune as good as that.

What most important lessons have you learned since starting in music?

I would say the most important lessons I have learned is to have patience and to always believe in yourself.

How have you found being in lockdown? Has it been beneficial or the opposite for you?

To be honest it has been quite beneficial for me because I’ve had so much time to work on my music, although I can’t wait until it’s all over so I can play my music live.

Being from Scotland, are there any local artists that have particularly inspired you?

I’m not sure how local he is to me but the obvious person would be Calvin Harris. Being such a worldwide artist and coming from Scotland he has always been an inspiration to me.

What more can we expect later this year?

Lot’s of bangers to come this year. I’ve been grinding hard on FL Studio and I’m so excited to release more music. Also hopefully when all this lockdown stuff is over I’ll be able to get out there for gigs etc.

Lastly what are the big 5 tunes you can share with our readers for this weekend…

  1. PS1 – Life Goes On (feat. Alex Hoskin)
  2. Ames – Done To Me
  3. Sammy Virji – Alright (feat. Lucy Virji)
  4. THAT KIND – Summer In Love
  5. Obskur – Bayside 



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