Noel Holler

Returning to the release radar with a stunning collaborative release, flourishing German DJ and producer Noel Holler and renowned talent Fedde Le Grand collectively deliver a stellar sonic masterpiece in the form of ‘Tokyo Lights’.

23-year old rising dance music talent, Noel Holler, is making his presence known with a slew of noteworthy releases. Hailing from Bielefeld, Germany, the tastemaker has made quite the impression with his recent release ‘Every Morning’, featuring German singer Leony. Revered artists such as  Hamburg-based DJ trio Lanné and The Netherlands-based DJ duo Bougenvilla all make their mark on the track. The globally-adored tune has been enjoyed over 2 million times, with each of the remixes receiving upwards of 100,000 streams, a credit to the burgeoning producer. Noel Holler has secured himself as one to watch with ‘Tokyo Lights’ being a stellar addition to the young producer’s back-catalog. DMCWORLD grabs a world exclusive…

What was it like working alongside Fedde Le Grand and French Original for your latest track ‘Tokyo Lights’?

It’s incredible. I still can’t believe that this has happened. You can see Fedde’s years of experience in every action. It makes me so proud to work with both on this tune. It was like a dream coming true to release this song with Fedde.

What was the inspiration behind the newly-released tune?

When I heard the topline first it was like wow what a nice hook! And after a couple of spins I was so in love with the vocal that I wanted to make this tune mine.

What’s the production process like when crafting a collaborative tune with such renowned electronic dance music staples such as this one, versus an original production like your 2020 hit single ‘Powerless’?

I thought that it would be a little bit difficult because there were so many people involved, but it was pretty easy. It’s always great to hear different opinions and have the song go back and forth. But at some point you have to finish the track and decide on a final version. Music is always a process and the process thrives on the fact that there can always be room for change. But yeah, at some point you just realize when the track is done. You just feel it.

How do you see your signature sound evolving within the next 5-10 years?

To be honest.. for now i have no idea. But it will be electronic for sure. I’m just glad that i can focus on music right now and finally have the opportunity to try myself out. I’ve always had a lot of shows and focused on that. Now finally being able to work intensively on music is an incredible adventure.

What does it feel like seeing your groundbreaking sonic endeavor ‘Every Morning’ get the remix treatment from huge names such as Bougenvilla and LANNÉ?

It‘s an absolute pleasure and shows that my music is on the right track.

Who are your favorite current musicians right now, and why?

I think it’s Bleu Clair – ‘cause of his crazy Sound Design. Really love that!

Where do you miss playing on tour the most, and if you could go back to anywhere you’ve toured in the past again to perform where would you go?

I could name so many cool festivals and club shows that the interview would take too long haha. But I think Bootshaus Cologne was very special for me. The crowd there is crazy. It’s a great feeling when the audience interacts with you. When they clap their hands, scream, jump and just enjoy the music, it makes me so happy.

What’s your favorite part about making electronic dance music?

It makes me happy when I see people dancing and having a good time while listening to my music. There is no better feeling than that.

With only a few months left in the year, what’s been your favorite part of 2021 so far?

The end of the summer, when shows were slowly coming back! I still can’t believe clubs are open again. I have a different show every weekend right now and it feels so good to be back on stage again.

Are there any upcoming projects in the works you’d like to share?

I can’t talk about it yet, but there will definitely be some new music coming this year. I’m working on several songs right now and I hope I can share them with you…

‘Tokyo Lights’ is out now on Universal Music…