David Shaw

The Nights Of The Jackal

Welcome to DMCWORLD towers David. Nice to have a fellow Manc on board! So a new name but still housing that huge commitment to music you have always had, you are now living in Paris – how has living in France influenced your ever different sounds?

“I wouldn’t say that living in Paris has had a great influence on my sounds, as I’ve always been influenced by European bands. I would say that great food and wine has had a profound effect on my music!!!”

Your last release, a cover of The The’s 80s tune ‘Infected’ came complete with JD Twitch and Optimo remixes no less. Have you always wanted to do a cover?

“Yes I’ve always wanted to do a cover! I like the idea of a challenge, and choosing  a song that defines the spectrum of all the things I love was not an easy task, but I think I’ve managed to avoid falling into the cliché of what people expect from me.”

The new release ‘The Jackal’ EP is out now – talk us through the tracks….

“Well ‘The Jackal’ was released last Monday on Her Majesty’s Ship (the original and 2 rmxs). Actually the funny thing about The Jackal is that it must be at least the 5th version which explains how demanding I can be, but I’m very happy with this version. The first rmx is by Massimiliano Pagliara, the Italian producer based in Berlin, who always has a sexy refined touch in everything he does! The second rmx is by my fellow Mancunians, Pulp Disco and The Outcasts, everything they do is just amazing!”

The new album is complete and coming out also on your Her Majesty’s Ship label. How long have you been working on it, how did you approach this long player?

“Well as everyone knows, an album is a tricky thing! You want to show everything you know, everything you love, and be coherent at the same time! It’s exciting and very therapeutic! I had many songs/tracks, some of them were loops, others were well advanced sessions, but as I’m pretty hard on myself, I was a bit slow at crafting the whole thing, and so I kept on writing new material! Then I decided to move all my studio to my girlfriend’s country house, and within 2 months the album was finally recorded to my satisfaction.”

What is the current top 10 you are spinning in your DJ sets?

Pulp Disco & The Oucasts / Space Dust
Jimmy Edgar / This One’s For The Children
International Music System / Dancing Therapy
AKA JK / 2600 2600 Mugwump Italo Broadcast
Thugfucker / Disco Gnome – Tale Of Us Remix
Martin Dawson / Think About It feat. Nicholas Ryan Gant (Maceo Plex Remix)
Tiger Stripes / Crossroads
The Rimshooters / Deep Electric Mastered
Box Codax / Naked Smile – Naum Gabo Remix
David Shaw And The Beat / The Jackal  Massimilano Pagliara Rmx

You were lead guitar, bass and keyboard artist with Black Strobe, did working with Arnaud and Ivan help your music evolve in any way?

“Working with those two, was a great experience, I enjoyed touring and playing at amazing venues and festivals! It deffo has sharpen my performance on stage!”

“What is important is that the artist throughout his production makes me think, provokes interest in me”. Two questions. One, who growing up made you think, and who today, if anyone provokes you with their sounds…

“Prince, Colin Newman, Tones On Tail, INXS, Martin Hannett, Aphex Twin, Fad Gadget…”

SInce 2005 you have been releasing under your pseudonym Siskid which paved the way to festivals such as Les Nuits Sonores and the mighty Sonar. Why did you decide to change your artist name this time around?

“For the very simple reason that I was fed up with with the whole Siskid thing. I wanted to evolve and concentrate on what I’m good at. As I mentioned before producing club anthems is not my thing, I like the idea of starting afresh.

What are your thoughts on the state of electronic music today – it’s the new pop music in America whilst in Europe it’s everywhere again…

“I think electronic music has a great future, the scene is getting better and better, there are no more boundaries, which leaves a lot of scope for us all.

We come back to yours after the show, what is the David Shaw Back To Mine 10 you play us to carry on the night…

Soul Center / Let’s Go
The Orb / Little Fluffy Clouds
Prince / Sign ‘O’ The Times
LoSoul / Lies feat. Malte – Club Vocal
Spektrum / Freakbox – Alter Ego Remix
TGV / Fools Gold
The Goon Show / Angel Band – Original Mix
David Shaw And The Beat  /Infected (A JD Twitch Optimo mix)
The Juan Maclean / By The Time I Get To Venus
SCUM / Whitechapel

What are the plans for your label in 2012?

“So far we’ve released 2 records, Infected and The Jackal and we’re planning the album release in September – and looking forward to live performances soon. We are on the verge of signing other artists, so stay tuned! The prospects for Her Majesty’s Ship look bright!”

And finally, what have been your personal highlights looking from these past few years?

“My residency at the Pulp in Paris. Playing for Blackstrobe. Playing at the Grand Palais in Paris. Recording the album.”

David Shaw and the Beat
‘The Jackal’ EP out now on Her Majesty’s Ship Records