Eddie Amador & Coco Street
‘When I First Felt House’ Incl. Lenny Fontana,Eddie Amador, Micfreak Ben A, Jerome Robbins and Fernando Vidal Remixes)
Nu Soul Records

Eddie Amador gives the debut release on his Nu Soul Records label, ‘When I First Felt House’, a full make-over offering up a mammoth package of remixes. Featuring the versatile vocal talents of LA’s Coco Street, ‘When I First Felt House’ is a mindful account of discovering House Music for the first time. Highlights include New York’s Lenny Fontana delivers a brilliant feel good house mix, teased with discofied brass hooks and sweeping synths; Eddie, turns up the funky thermostat, injecting sublime guitar and key performances, underpinned by a groovy disco bass;  MicFreak brings an uplifting piano house vibe; and Mijangos delivers a deep Afro House mix, driven by chunky bass stabs and percussive beats. Also on the package are some brilliant remixes from up and coming talent, Helen Dickinson, Ben A, Jerome Robbins and Fernando Vidal, who all bring their fresh take on this brilliant release.
4/5 Ratha Gud