Trainspotting with Lenny Fontana

1. Mark Brickman –  I Don’t Know – Midnight Riot  

Very uplifting track from the West Coast of USA. Mark Brickman is the guy to watch out for, he is dropping fire. 

2. The Vision – Remember – Defected

Coming off the success of the new album called The Vision its a sure pick for me and has a strong song attached. A lot of the songs on the album are really top form. This band must be watched. 

3. Michael Gray – MacArthur Park – Sultra Records

I remember when I first heard the original drop from Giorgio Moroder with Donna Summer singing it and here is the new offering from Mr Gray which happens to be right up there. Great orchestration, excellent mix and really useable dub as well. 

4. Eddie Amador & Coco Street – When I First Felt House (Lenny Fontana and True House Stories Remix) – NuSoul Records.

Classic Lenny Fontana golden era sound from the 90’s revisited to put a fresh current spin on this superb track.

5. Double Dee – Found Love (Micky More & Andy Tee Mix) – Groove Culture 

Top remix of early 1990s classic. Keeping it to the original but yet making it sound updated and fresh. Well done. 

6. Dave Lee / Billy Valentine – Power Of The Mind –  Z Records 

Classic sounding production with a strong lead vocal. If the dance floors were open now this would be a stomper. So I recommend this for all your radio sets. 

7. Beat Rivals and Lifford – Stay In The Groove (Lenny Fontana & True House Stories Mix Remix) – Rival Beat Records. 

A very uplifting New York twist on a beautiful soulful track. Lenny is back and he is bringing those beautiful vibes he is infamous for on this massive new track for Beat Rivals.

8. Lenny Fontana Presents Black Sun – Spread Love (True House Stories Remix) – BMG Records

New mix package from Disco Remixer Dr Packer and myself with a retouch and rebirth to the original mix. A strong package.

9. Soul Avengerz featuring Kristen Cummings  – Heard It All Before (Funkatomic Remix) – WU Records 

A well arranged remix of the old classic from Soul Avengerz. The sound is a cut above a lot of what is coming out at the moment. Funkatomic replayed all the parts to give it a fresh approach.

10. Re-Tide / Karmina Dai – All Night (Extended Mix) – Re-Tide Music  

A great rework of using Philly chords and a catchy vocals.

Eddie Amador & Coco Street ‘When I First Felt House’ (Incl. Lenny Fontana, Remix) is out now on 2020 on Nu Soul Records.