In case you didn’t already know, Unloved are the band who supplied a lot of the music for season one of Killing Eve. That music can be found on their 2016 debut ‘Guilty Of Love’, and fans of that release will be glad to know the band – Jade Vincent , Keefus Ciancia and the one and only David Holmes – pick up exactly where they left off. Their blend of retro soul and shape shifting production, moving the vocals around the stereo picture, works an absolute treat on songs like ‘Heartbreak’ and ‘Bill’, whose cinematic approach moves from a big, Phil Spector-ish sound to unexpected but slightly crooked moments of intimacy. The torch song ‘Love Lost’ is wonderfully woozy, things dreamt and only scarcely remembered, while ‘(Sigh)’ goes even further down that road with stacks of reverb and a breathy vocal from Vincent. Étienne Daho features on the brilliant ‘Remember’, a march gone wrong – ‘I’m someone you used to know from used to be’ – and Barry Woolnough joins Vincent on ‘Danger’, another doom-laden but ultimately heady piece of pop with James Bond-style horns. This is a brilliant album, weirdly skewed but triumphant and sassy. Just like Eve.
Ben Hogwood. 5 out of

Unloved - Heartbreak