Poesie Musik look to East Berlin born German producer Wanklemut for their next EP. He is a regular on the DJ circuit and is someone who likes to go deep and long with

his sets. As such his beats are just as smooth and seductive and here he serves up three of them that really hit the mark.

Up first is lead single You Wanna Know which has a vocalist called Joy singing on it. The pair met in France and her vocals are pained and posted and hang in the air above the sullen beats. It makes for a moody cut that really does make you take note. Tabula Rasa is seven minutes of more upright drums and spiralling synths. They also come finished with some big diva vocals that really make your hairs stand on end and the production is warm, effusive and accomplished. Reprise then shuts things down is bristling deep house style with filtered vocal, grinding bass and loose limbed hi hats that bring real height to the grooves. Overall this is a refreshing EP full of lovely club sounds.

Reviewed by: Ian Fleming