Allen & Filix are no strangers to working together. The Italian pair, who hail from Sicily, have done so before now to great effect. Not only are they regulars on this label but they also release on MadMonkey to big acclaim. Their sound is rooted in deep house and their production chops are clearly standout. Here they find themselves back on D.Traffik Limited with a brace of meaty cuts designed to get you moving.

The first has rumbling, reverberating bass underpinning hi hats filled with ice cold air. It makes you bump and grind as sweeping filters and little cow bell pings add details to the beats. It’s a real winner and no mistake. Second up, Dusty Palace is more choppy, with dark vocals, firm kicks and choppy percussion all making you sweat it out. Once again then this pair come correct with two more bangers.

Reviewed by: Ian Fleming