Trainspotting with Joe Roberts (Sabajaq/Mouth To Mouth)


1. BufoBufo – ‘Parasol’ (Ritual Poison)

Batrachian electro excellence straight outta the primordial pond on the debut release from Ritual Poison.


2. Bawrut – ‘Rumba’ (Ransom Note)

Masterful acid released via the label of the music site as versed in politics as the history of UK rave.


3. Idjut Boys – ‘Jesta (Dub) (U-Star)

Plucked from the racks of Tome Records, check your bass bins, I’m tellin’ ya.


4. The He-Men – ‘Flamingo’ (Tone Dropout)

Incessantly building, erotically-charged acid from Sween and Dawl’s ever impressive label.


5. Dan Curtin – ‘My Vanilla Is Interest’ (Metamorphic Recordings)

Recent bargain bin banger from the master of abstract ‘90s techno.


6. Room 13 – ‘Body Language’ (I Love Acid)

Dream team Ed DMX and Bass Junkie flip it from electro to acid house.


7. Tillman – ‘Sculptures’ (Ears Have Eyes)

A fully primed dance floor elevator from the South London label’s short but sweet back catalogue.


8. Donnie Tempo – ‘Inter…Jingle’ (Alleviated)

Turn of the Millennium Larry Heard endorsed melodic groover.


9. Ralphi Rosario – ‘Brinca (Raving House Version)’ (Nite Stuff)

Cheap as chips, fat as wedges weapon from the man behind ‘You Used To Hold Me’.


10. DJ Fett Burger & Jayda G – ‘NYC Party Track’ (Freakout Cult)

Proof that even the most obvious disco sample has legs.

Joe Roberts joins Hifi Sean, Severino and Josh Caffe at Sabajaq on Saturday June 17th whilst the legendary DJ Hell heads up the Main Room alongside Wax Wings, Warboy, Maze & Masters and Kyle E at Egg London. All info at