1. Praying for You (B More Dubb) Jasper Street Co – Nervous

I loved recording with Louie. The session was incredible. It has become one of my favorite songs.

2. HOT (Original Mix)-  Thommy Davis & Greg Lewis – Quantize Recordings

This was the year for this tune. It has banging drums and driving synths that heat every time.

3. Sixth Sense (Louie Vega Remix) – Josh Wink, Ursula Rucker – Ovum Recordings

Sometimes a record crosses a genre and is refreshing. What Louie’s doing on this is phenomenal!

4. Rastronaut Massama N (Original Mix) – Calhariz, Massama N, Portas Roska – Kick & Snares

This record, with its hard, simplistic driving arrangement has never failed to rock a dance floor. The percussion and drums are incredible.

5. Revolution (Timmy Regisford and Mr. Joe Remix) Toshi & Timmy Regisford – Quantize Recordings

Toshi has become one of my favorite new vocalists of the year. Her collaborations with Timmy are noteworthy and immortal.

6. Vertigo (Original Mix) Thommy Davis & Greg Lewis – Unquantize

Thommy and I love to adventure into sounds and other genres. Sometime they become just the greatest projects. This one has that edge to it.

7. I’m Blessed (Remix) (Teddy’s Monday Night Main Mix) Spenitch, Richard Burton, Teddy Douglass, Greg Lewis – Basement Boys Records

A classic redone with new vocals by Richard Burton. In Baltimore this is a classic! It was one of the first successful gospel House songs in Baltimore re-visited.

8. Hold To His Hand (Reggie Steele & DJ Spen Praise Party Mix) Reggie Steele – Quantize Recordings

This is the year of Reggie Steele! He has a supreme voice and always write the most inspirational songs. When it comes to soulful gospel house, he is a true pioneer.

9. Yo Barnum (Thommy Davis & Greg Lewis Remix) Geoffrey C – Unquantize

Geoffrey C is a very good friend of mine and he has been doing string after string of great music for Unquantize. It bubbled as an underground hit for months and this remix is a homage to the song and a good friend.

10. That Something featuring Nina Hadzi Antich (Original) Antonio Ocasio – Tribal Winds 

For me, this is what music is about- a groove, a great song, and great production Nina’s sultry vocals take this song to the stratosphere.

Thommy Davis & Greg Lewis ‘Urban Jungle’ Album is out now on Unquantize Recordings.