The number one song of 2011. Dan Prince gets the exclusive interview with the biggest star on planet dance

AvicciTim welcome to the DMC world. An incredible rise to fame since 2008 when you have been lauded by everyone from David Guetta to Tiesto as THE producer to follow. For someone so young, you recognised immediately that America was the place to crack and that to win everyone over you, you had to put on a huge stage show. How do you think you have done?

“Actually Dan, I can’t really take credit for strategic moves since that is all from the mind of my manager Ash. He knew from day one how to move this and the results have baffled all of us. He still tells me we’re only halfway there. Ha ha.”

‘Levels’ was the biggest track of the year without actually ever being released. Until now. Every DJ in the world created their own bootleg to play or found a dodgy copy on the net. How did you find the vocal sample for the track?

“We found it on line. I really love that track and wanted to do something with the vocal! I held onto it for some time trying different tracks on it. Then I kinda had the hook for ‘Levels’ and when looking for a vocal to fit I played around with it and it just fitted perfectly in the track.”

AvicciA lot of press regarding your NYE gig in New York. You obviously have felt heartfelt over the show with tickets going for $1000 on the black market and yourself trying to get your real die hard tickets into the party of the year. What are your thoughts on this huge, sudden pressure on such a young pair of shoulders? Are you handling it ok, have you a good team around you?

“Without exaggerating I would say I have one of the best teams in the whole music industry. What my manager Ash has done these past four years has been truly remarkable. When we started out none of us was connected in the industry and Ash basically made the Avicii brand without any label or publisher backing him. And more recently the family has grown and I feel super fortunate to be able to work with all of them. What’s great about it as well is that we’re all really close friends so it’s more than just business. With that said, I do still feel pressure especially on the bigger shows. But the team is helping to keep a lot of that pressure off me. There’s also a lot of stuff that’s completely out of my hands that I can’t really affect, like I’m not involved at all in strategies or the scheduling of my gigs for instance, so that’s when I feel fortunate to have this amazing team helping me out with it.”


What do you parents think of this amazing success of their son? Do they come to your gigs, do they like your music?

“They do! Sometimes I think my dad is my biggest fan. He’s always listening and commenting on every track I do and sends me ideas of old tracks to remix on regular basis! They’re coming to every show they can and since day one they’ve been supporting me!”

Not many people know this, but Tim Berg is really good at…

“Being on time. I’m never late for anything ever! Or am I?!”

AviccYou were once asked in an interview to describe yourself in 4 words. You answered…“Stubborn, Ambitious, Hardworking and Happy.”

What are you the most stubborn about?

“Ha ha. Dan, what am I not stubborn about? That’s actually both a blessing and a curse. It’s good in my music and career but terrible sometimes with friends. I’m trying to work on it!”

AvicciWhat is your greatest ambition?

“To make music and try to make other people happy with it.”

Who do you get your hardworking attribute from?

“I would say both my parents have been super hardworking in their own ways so I guess I’ve gotten it from them. The difference is that I’ve only been hard working on stuff I like…I could’ve done better in school for instance. Besides, I don’t think anyone could not be hard working around Ash. It wouldn’t sit well with him..”

When are you happiest? 

“I think either when I’m home without having anything to do at all and I know I can and deserve to relax and spend time with my friends and family. Or when I see a big crowd jump and chant a track.”