Spanish DJ Carlos Sanchez is quickly earning a reputation as one of his country’s best and most revered DJ. His work as a producer is well documented (Sanchez’s music has appeared on esteemed outlets such as Poker Flat, Home Invasion and recently, his own Lowwaxx label), but it’s his DJ endeavours that made him the perfect candidate for a Back 2 Mine feature. From uptempo vibes to downtempo tracks to everything in between, Sanchez’s picks are the sort of tracks that will definitely make sense when the night veers off in a new direction. Here, he talks us through some of his choices. Prepare yourself for a little bit of musical education as we go ‘Back 2 Mine’ with Mr Sanchez…


Robert Leiner – Aqua Viva

This is a true jewel of the 90’s, a record for very special moments. I remember playing this track in Berlin a few years ago as the sun was coming up. It was an absolutely epic moment to remember as myself and the crowd were all immersed in an epic atmosphere and groove. Definitely one of my favourites from Robert Leiner.

Robert Leiner – Аqua viva


Gideon – What U Need

Mr Gideon Jackson! This man never fails… but with this track he broke the mould! When you find the right time to play it out, it creates a spectacular reaction on the dance floor. A genius

Gideon – What U Need


Ame – Sarari

Ame have always been artists who think with their feet and their head. At certain times I’ve played this during warm ups, at after hours; it’s a really brilliant tune like that and reminds me of Metro Area and Herbert in many ways. A great tune to mix in and something a bit different too.


Circulation – Beige

These guys made a big impact on the scene back in the day. I had a strong connection with the Circulation sound early in my DJ career and later on as a producer. “Beige” is one of my favorites, but I couldn’t tell you which one is the best as they’re all great in their own way. Perfect for the afters.

Circulation – Beige (Mix 1)


Khan feat. Julee Cruise – Say Goodbye (Losoul Shes Homeless Mix)

The first time I heard this record I could not believe it. I really like Julee Cruise, the voice of Twin Peaks and of course, I was and I am a great follower of Playhouse Records. For me it’s a sexy, rare and powerful track at the same time. Try to play it loud everywhere, this tune always does a job!

Khan feat. Julee Cruise – Say Goodbye (Losoul Shes Homeless Mix)


Stasis – Space 1993

As the name says, this one sends you directly to Space, which is what you want at some stage of a night. I’ve played this track so many times from open to close, in the middle of the set etc. – and it always works! You have to know how and when to play it of course. Finding the right time to play a certain record is part of what makes DJing such an art.

Stasis — Space 1993


Pure Science – Deep As You

Pure Science is synonymous of quality if you are looking to travel to a place full of deep atmospheres and pure groove. And if you’re going ‘back to mine’, you should be! It’s quite difficult to create something “timeless” in music these days, but this one goes beyond the talent itself… you have to have a vision and a certain psychology to create music like this.

Pure Science – Deep As You

Moby – Mobility

A Moby track that not everyone will know. The man is a true hero! This track fits perfectly for me for the after hours; just close your eyes and mix it slowly… that bassline and groove will blow your mind. A simple track but a beautiful one.

Moby~Mobility [Original Mix]

Theorem – Ring

One of the Minus’ masterstrokes. So many great Detroit influences on this record. I could leave it spinning hours. It has the perfect timing, it just doesn’t tire!

Theorem – Ring

Moloko – Forever More (Francois K Remix)

Moloko and Francois K! What else? I get hoosebumps for this one and I’ve been playing this track for a long time – everywhere!  When you look up at the dancefloor and suddenly everyone is signing with their eyes closed. It’s something magic!

Moloko – Forever More (FKEK Vocal Mix)

Tommy Vicari Jr’s ‘Beta Stop Thinkin’ (with Rich NXT remix) is out now on Carlos Sanchez’s Lowwaxx label