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Love Me In Whatever Way – James Blake

Try lovemaking to this syrupy sweet tune. You won’t regret it.

James Blake - Love me in whatever way


Thievry – Arca

It’ll take you on a sonic journey. The melodic contour of the dominant synth takes me far out of my own thoughts and into pure bliss.

Arca - Thievery (Official Video)


Water Me – FKA Twigs

Has to be one of my favourite songs of all time. I think it’s her smartest and most intricately produced piece. As a musician/producer who has listened to this song what could be several hundred times, I still almost always shed a tear in it’s glory.

FKA twigs - Water Me


Sound of Silence (remake) – Oliver Tank

Whilst nothing can beat the humbleness of the original by legends Simon & Garfunkel, this version suffices. It’s rawness has the power to dwindle life’s pressures into nothing within seconds. I always listen to this when I’m in need of relief.

Oliver Tank - Sound of Silence (feat. Fawn Myers)


Easy – Son Lox

This is the perfect form of rhythmic/melodic discourse. The jolting group of baritone saxophones in conjunction with that icy beat make me feel alive. It’s so unexpected and wrong that it’s so right.

Son Lux - "Easy" (Official Video)


Ugly Boy – Die Antwoord

This song is funky as hell. I love Die Antwoord because they are unfiltered. This track is velvety smooth and chill. It takes me to weird places and I like it.



Feels – Kiiara

Who feels it too? I certainly do.


Night Crawler – Nosaj Thing

This song vibrates my whole body, soothing every part of me. I normally am not a fan of galactic sounding music, but this song is my exception. It’s an audible masterpiece.


Better – BANKS

One of her more unknown songs but still hurts my heart. Not many vocalists can pull of this type of scratchy vocal and it makes me shiver.

BANKS - Better (Official Video)

Go Feel – Jónsi

Why not end on an uplifting note? This song makes me feel like I can do anything. When I need strength, I listen to this.. It makes me believe. As corny as it sounds, it has a profoundly powerful effect on me every time. I want you to feel it too.


Introducing Bel

Every so often an artist emerges, seemingly from nowhere, with music that has the potential to unite us in our experience of the human condition.

Ahead of it’s worldwide release this coming Friday, the debut single from BEL, ‘Melancholia’, premiered today on UK fashion / lifestyle magazine NOTION (INSERT NOTION LINK HERE)

Producing alternative electronic pop with emotionally charged lyrics that pierce the soul, Melbourne’s 20-year-old singer-songwriter, BEL, (Isabelle Rich), is a creative force to be reckoned with. Her music is both thought- provoking and deeply moving.

Speaking to NOTION ahead of the premiere BEL explained:

“Melancholia provides an introspective depiction of what it’s like to be inside my head. Lyrically, it’s rich in raw emotion and personal truth. Our minds can make us think and feel all sorts of interesting and strange things, but it’s how we consolidate these sentiments that defines us as people.”

The first single from her debut EP, ‘Melancholia’ combines ethereal vocals with authentic and personal lyrics, woven across a bed of mesmerising electronica and subtle instrumentation – all beautifully crafted by acclaimed producer and collaborator John Castle (Vance Joy).
“The word Melancholia by definition encompasses sadness in a peaceful and accepting way. In essence, this song is about accepting the way you feel and not fighting it, but bathing in it for what it is.”

Her six-track debut EP will be released in the Australian summer, but before then ‘Melancholia’ will leave an impact on you, the listener, just as she intended.