Louis Cole – When You’re Ugly

Great artist from the Brainfeeder family, jazz pop electronic on top, and also really funny…

When You’re Ugly – Louis Cole


Lava La Rue – Widdit

She’s part of a Young collectif from UK, really fresh with an old school feeling. I don’t know that much but i just discovered and i love it,.



UNNO – Drink That Butter

We release it one year ago on NWDS, their album Amaai is a master piece. They have everything we love, a lot of different influences. 

Unno – Drink That Butter (Music Video)


Anderson Paak – Who R U?

I love the Anderson Paak vibe, so funky, it’s good to still have artist like him nowadays. 

Anderson .Paak – Who R U? (Official Audio)


Slum Village – Untitled 

One of my favorite hip hop band. J Dilla was also one of our main inspiration when we created Nowadays. I listened the production that particular rythme and that typical flow are so damn good.
This track has special vibe, I love it so much. 

Slum Village – Untitled (Fantastic)


Burial : Archangel

The perfect soundtrack for a wet bus trip at night.

Burial – Archangel


Aphex Twin – Rhubarb Orc. 19.53 Rev

An ambient masterpiece of Aphex Twin replayed by an orchestra and played backwards… genius.

Aphex Twin ‎- Rhubarb Orc. 19.53 Rev


Oneohtrix Point Never : The Station

OPN ’s music music sounds like Kanye West that’s depressed 24/7. That’s a good thing.

Oneohtrix Point Never – The Station


Photay – The Everyday Push

Mostly for the build up between 3:12 & 4:20 that actually pushes me to the top. 

Photay – The Everyday Push


Robert Robert – Nobody Breaches Our Stasis

Robert Robert is  one of the latest signature of Nowadays Records. His second Ep just came out and it’s absolutely brillant. 

Robert Robert – Nobody Breaches Our Stasis


Electronic collective La Fine Equipe

La Fine Equipe ft. Mr. J. Medeiros – What Eva (Music Video)

Rising French electronic collective and label owners, La Fine Equipe, are pleased to announce a brand new visual for ‘What Eva’ ft. Mr. J. Medeiros released through Nowadays. The band detail the video: “We wanted it to look like a 90s VHS that was put on the VCR. Part of the charm was its fuzzy, imperfect look so apparent during that era. ‘What Eva’ embodies a strong DIY ethos and we the band, did most of the filming ourselves using a small handheld camcorder. Everything was filmed on location in the supermarket. There are no 3D models. The song and visual is also a homage to the strong visual elements often found in 90s music videos like Mc Solaar’s ‘New Western’ and French hiphop outfit IAM’s ‘Je danse le Mia’. There is a surreal sequence in the video where we are surrounded by a kaleidoscopic display of supermarket products. To summarize, we had a complete blast filming this”.
La Fine Equipe are strongly influenced by hip-hop royalty like J Dilla, Mos Def and Madlib.
The four French beatmakers, Oogo, Chomsky, Mr, Gib and Blanka from (Marseille and Paris collectively continue their journey with a new album due in March 2019. The group’s debut album, ‘La Boulangerie’, attained cult status and propelled the band into the mainstream consciousness. This led to the release of three more critally acclaimed albums ‘Fantastic Planet’ (2010), ‘La Boulangerie 2’ (2011) and ‘La Boulangerie 3’ (2014) and the creation of celebrated electronic label Nowadays Records that recently celebrated their 5 year anniversary with a special 23 track compilation ‘Nowadays V’ featuring label signings like Fakear, Clement Bazin, Robert Robert and more. La Fine Equipe have also taken their hi-octane live shows across Europe including festivals like Les Vieilles Charrues, Dour, Les Francofolies, the Printemps de Bourges and the Couleur.

Café festival and a mini tour of Asia. The band also won the Deezer Adami Award and glowing reviews in tastemaker press like Arte, MixMag and Boiler Room, who invited them to be part of their legendary Boiler Room Sessions in Paris and London.