Back To Mine with Lakewest

DMCWORLD grab a stunning Back To Mine selection from Lakewest, the producer formerly known as Woz. A new direction for an artist with incredible calibre as he releases his debut self-released EP ‘Blood Orange’ on May 7th. Consisting of three electrifying and detailed works that encompass the Bristol artist’s latest hardware jams.

Anz – Unravel In The Designated Zone
Powerful music from Anz which is the first release on her new imprint OTMI. This lead track brought me straight back to first hearing the purple sound coming out of Bristol in the late 00’s but with this broken beat twist. As a producer every now and again, you hear a track that merges two of your favourite styles and you can’t help but think.. why didn’t I think to do that!
Anz - Unravel In The Designated Zone

Patrick Cowley – One Hot Afternoon
Taken from my favourite Patrick Cowley posthumous LP  “Afternooners” on Dark Entries recorded in between 1979 and 1982. A certified pioneer of electronic dance music and a creator still lightyears ahead of us all.

Andy Stott – Never The Right Time
There’s not much better music news for me than hearing that Andy Stott is writing a new album and his most recent is class as expected! He’s a huge inspiration for me.. His albums helped me realise that a sound identity can be founded by choosing and sticking to certain unique production techniques and a chosen palette of sounds. His LP’s are so dynamic but always sound like Andy Stott.
Andy Stott - Never The Right Time (Full Album)

Avalon Emerson – The Frontier
This steamer will always remain close to my heart. I played this track at Revolver in Melbourne, Australia whilst on tour back in the Woz days. As the ethereal lead came in a tidal wave of emotion clattered me resulting in a my first and only tears in the booth. I felt so lucky to be on the other side of the world thanks to the music I had been making and DJ’ing. Hearing that lead always takes me straight back to that moment.
Avalon Emerson - The Frontier

Mike Dean – Deep
One of my all time favourite producers and synth masters has finally started releasing his own Instrumental music. This one just came out and is ultimately a very stoned Mike Dean improvising in a room full of the best synths that exist… What’s better than that?
MIKE DEAN - 4:22 DRESS REHEARSAL (3.30.2021)

Ghost Phone 04 – Soul Seeker
The latest in the ghost phone series is another banger from start to finish. This A2 though!.. entitled Soul Seeker has been on repeat since copped. Emo heads down future garage at its best.

Lisa Bella Donna – The Mothership
This one is a live recorded Moog synthesis exploration from sound alchemist Lisa Bella Dona and is also one of my most watched videos on YouTube. This is my favourite track of hers because the lo slung beat works with the slower broken techno stuff that’s being made at the moment. There’s so many amazing videos on YT of her pushing synths to their limits that must be seen if you’re into this.
Lisa Bella Donna | The Mothership

Bon Iver – ____45_____ 
The most mesmerising track from my favourite Bon Iver album ’22, a million’. One of my favourite things in music is hearing something and having absolutely no idea how its been executed.. In the same way 16 year old me looked at DJ’s as actual wizards. I know there’s saxophone in this track and that’s about as far as my understanding goes.. the rest is magic.
Bon Iver - ____45_____ - Official Lyric Video

Johnny Greenwood – Tree Synthesisers
This is one of my favourite modern original soundtrack pieces taken from the film ‘You Were Never Really Here’. Its plays during a scene where the suited lead character is carrying his murdered mother into a forest lake to lay her to rest and also himself. He realises in the water he has something to live for, empties his pockets full of rocks and swims to the surface. Beautiful, heartbreaking & uplifting stuff!
Jonny Greenwood - Tree Synthesisers


Burial – In Mcdonalds
It’s from my favourite album of all time and for me this is the most captivating moment. The Bullet Boy sample at the end of the track just blows my mind every single time!
Burial: In McDonalds (Hyperdub 2007)


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