I must say I’m a bit of a fan of the mighty Dome label as they have managed to put out very well known music, sometimes even covers with a superb selection of artists and remixers. Looking at the previous releases of the imprint you will see that Italy born Londoner and music genius Michele Chiavarini has reworked quite some music of the label. This is also the case with the latest Dome release, the remixes of ‘Need You Now’ by Anthony David and Algebra Basset. The Original has been surfacing for quite some time-now mister Chiavarini, who you might not only know from his own productions but for his long partnership with iconic Dave Lee, for whom he played keys on many productions. Chiavarini gives the track a brilliant makeover that will resonate with club goers around the world, while Atlanta producer Eddie Stokes adds some spice as well. With respect towards Stokes’ mixes, my personal faves must be the three Michele Chiavarini mixes (Main, Instrumental. Radio Edit) which perfectly blend the memorable vocal (of course only in its vocal versions) with great keyboard work and solid pounding beats. The result might be quite commercial because the vocal arrangement forces it, but if you look aside this, the track is a very nice piece of music-just as expected!


4 out of 5

Reviewed by MANNIX