Nodo Selection:

1. Hiatus  – Third – Max Cooper Remix

A great classic that I heard via Sasha, Max is a great inspiration for me, the emotion that he captures from the composition of Hiatus, is something majestic.

OFFICIAL VIDEO: Hiatus – Third – Max Cooper Remix | Video by Vicetto

2. Bonobo ft Szjerdene – Get Thy Bearings

The climate that it generates from the resonance of the marimbas is something beautiful, with a very delicate voice and very precise wind arrangements.

Bonobo ft Szjerdene – Get Thy Bearings (Official Late Night Tales Video)

3. Jamie Woon – Sharpness

Jamie has a beautiful groove. I love the range of percussion it uses and the precision of the sound. They make it feel very smooth and cool.

Jamie Woon – Sharpness (Live from Konk Studios)

4. Kindness – This Is Not About Us

Kindness has a very vintage sound, but with a defined style. Loops textures and great groove.

Kindness – This Is Not About Us

5. Burial & Four Tet Feat. Thom Yorke – Ego

Thom Yorke is an artist that I have listened to since 2008. This collaboration with Burial and Four Tet seems to me something sublime. The drums have great dynamism, aquatic marimbas and the voice of Thom, is just right for this recipe.

Burial & Four Tet Feat. Thom Yorke – Ego HQ

Mule (ARG) Selection:

1. Luke Chable – Into The Storm (Break Mix)

It’s still cool, I like the power of the groove

Luke Chable – Into The Storm (Original Breaks Mix)

2. Dark Soul Project – Ninfa

Great percussion with a very mystical choir sound. It is a very Deep Forest.

Dark Soul Project – Ninfa (Original Mix)

3. Hosini – Flyga (TÂCHES Remix)

Elegant, with a very sensual voice and delicate sounds which create a unique moment.

Flyga (TÂCHES Remix)

4. Alva Noto & Ryuichi Sakamoto – Halo

Reflective, deep, introspective.

Alva Noto & Ryuichi Sakamoto — Halo

5. Syntax. Pray (Junkie XL Remix)

Wow! I am a kid right now!

Syntax ‎– Pray (Junkie XL Remix)

Nodo & Mule (ARG) – Amistad EP (Loot Recordings)

Argentina’s Nodo & Mule (ARG) make their debut on Loot Recordings with three wonderfully deep tracks backed with remixes from Viktop and Lucefora. Nodo & Mule (ARG) are relative newcomers to the scene, bringing their fresh take on emotive house music from the streets of Argentina to the world, via imprints like Oleeva, Canopy Sounds and Magician on Duty. Now they join forces with the always impressive Loot Recordings for an EP that is set to cement their position on the international stage. Title cut ‘Amistad’ is an elegant offering of deep, summertime house, a slow burner backed by the rhythm of crisp drums and bottomless low end. A dreamy, hazy piano
drifts throughout the track, immersing the listener with delicate notes and warm chords. ‘Ambar’ centers on a medley of gentle piano chords and a striking vocal, wrapped with organic, lush drum patterns. The original is complimented by a remix from Viktop (Denver by way of Miami, Do Not Sit on the Furniture resident) who delivers an intense reworking of the original, giving the vocal a more ethereal effect and incorporating the piano riffs and chords to make this a standout reinterpretation. Last of the original cuts is the mysterious ‘Azahar’ featuring a mesmerizing arrangement of tribal percussion and tinkling pianos which offers up a melancholic soundtrack for desert sunrises and island sunsets. Fellow Argentinian Lucefora turns in his “Into The Wild” remix, a gorgeous version that maintains the groove of the original combined with playful melodies and euphoric vocals that hit all the right emotions.

Out now… Nodo & Mule (ARG) – Amistad EP (Loot Recordings) 2020 Cat No: LOOTREC027