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Here is a list of tracks I’m vibing on…

A. Barac - At The Moment Of [SHMN003]

A. Barac – At The Moment Of [SHMN003]

Fire rave warehouse shit by Barac!! Perfect for long drawn out mixes and setting the vibez.

Tod Louie - Øye (Original Mix) [Det Gode Selskab - DGS002 - The Eye EP]

Tod Louie – Øye (Original Mix) [Det Gode Selskab – DGS002 – The Eye EP]

These guys mailed me this record, its a staple in my sets. Some really dope fucking machine grooves from Oslo.

Melodie - Natural Procedure [HMV001]

Melodie – Natural Procedure [HMV001]

One for the late mornings or one I like to use to set the tone. I play alot of open to close long sets. When you craft your night you need tracks like this to setup whats to come or to take people into a special place the last hour in the morning. This is one for about 7am for me.

Christopher Ledger - Afterglow (AMP021)

Christopher Ledger – Afterglow (AMP021)

ACID+Electro=good times!!I love breaks records, especially when they have thought behind them and emotion to them.

Dubtil - Indoieala (AMP011)

Dubtil – Indoieala (AMP011)

This is fucking fire..I put it away, and now Im back playing it. Its exactly what i want in a record. Strange and stripped down and fucking awesome to mix.

Steve O'Sullivan & Ricardo Villalobos - Sullric (Deeper Dub)

Steve O’Sullivan & Ricardo Villalobos – Sullric (Deeper Dub)

2 masters of the stripped down grooves together and make some fucking heat. You can mix this record all day long. This is one of those ones that comes to life on a soundsystem.

Olvap - Sinusoidal

Olvap – Sinusoidal

Fucking christ, the robot army is at the gates!!!!!!!!!!!!!They are invading us and they show no mercy to the dancefloor..

Kashawar - I'm Falling [LB004]

Kashawar – I’m Falling [LB004]

When delivered in the right context this record never fails..It also never leaves my bag. Because of that it pops and crackles and I fear it wont make it.

Second-Hand Satellites - Orbit 1.4

Second-Hand Satellites – Orbit 1.4

Go into another dimension…Time space and reality do not exist..Otherworldly, but beware of the goblins on your trip.

Tofu Productions - I Believe I Need [Perlon ‎– PERL122]

Tofu Productions – I Believe I Need [Perlon ‎– PERL122]

When you come down off LSD you hear music like this in your head. Its perfect morning shit to melt peoples brains.

Jay Tripwire – DMT Demento EP (Superfreq) Superfreq

Jay Tripwire makes a smart return to this essential label with a new single that is backed with remixes from Jared Love, Jehr and Joel West. Jay has a masterfully tripped out and late night sound. It is filled with futuristic vibes and for many years has marked him out in a class of one. This new one is another case in point: DMT Demento is deep, dark and mysterious, with a wispy lead taking you down the rabbit hole, as groaning synths and spooky pads all bring the atmosphere. Jared Love pairs it back to a more supple groove, with silky hits and drums, dubbed out chords and really heady vibes all soothing body and soul as you get lost in the music. Jehr then flip it with a busy lead that darts about the mix and grows ever more acidic, with plenty of haunting pads adding to the paranoid vibes. Last of all, Joel West gets more intense, with high pressure bass and synths racing along, chattery snares and acidic sounds all working you into a lather.

Out now… Jay Tripwire – DMT Demento (Superfreq) Cat.Number: SFD069